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Hot Tub Features

Today, it’s easier than ever to turn the hot tub you see on the showroom floor into the customized centerpiece of your backyard. From lighting options to sound systems, aromatherapy, and landscaping, it’s easy to create your own experience. And these days, you can control the electronics with the convenience of a remote control.

Hot Tub lighting control box


Lighting features are popular on today’s hot tub models, and the choices are plentiful. Design lighting around your personality, or use it to create the perfect mood. If you plan to spend your nights in your hot tub, soft interior lighting serves a dual purpose—providing the perfect mood-setting atmosphere and lighting the way when getting in and out. Fiber optic lights give you an ambient, color-changing array of lights that provides an interesting, upbeat look when entertaining guests.


What will be the soundtrack for your hot tub experience? Heighten the experience with a surround sound system. Many hot tub models come equipped with built-in and pop-up speakers and the sound systems have the option of attaching a CD or DVD player. Some come equipped with special transducers that transform the hot tub into a giant stereo speaker, which sends sound waves through the bottom of the tub and into the water.

Hot Tub speaker


Aromatherapy uses essential plant oils to affect mood and promote health. The essences are usually inhaled, but topical application also can be effective for healthy skin and numerous physical conditions. Many hot tubs offer aromatherapy options, allowing your favorite scents to infuse the warm water. Here are some aromatherapy examples:

  • Lavender soothes with a sweet, floral scent. Use it for insomnia, headaches, burns or infection.
  • Lemon refreshes with a fresh, clean, citrus aroma and can be used for detoxification, fatigue and oily skin.
  • Eucalyptus energizes with a penetrating, woody scent. Use it for colds, flu, muscle ache and poor circulation.
  • Ginger energizes with a spicy, warm scent. Use it for flu, muscle aches, and nausea.
Woman standing in Hot Tub


Landscaping plays a big role in the overall look and feel of today’s hot tub and home hot tub retreats. When choosing an outdoor location, consider the surroundings. A deck or patio is ideal to set up your hot tub retreat. Professional landscaping can transform the area completely. In areas that cannot be landscaped, beautify the area by including potted plants or planting boxes. You can even add water features like fountains and waterfalls. Try enclosing your hot tub with a gazebo for privacy and to enhance the feeling of an incredible getaway.


Accessory options are endless with today’s hot tubs. From seat padding and drink trays to more technologically-advanced add-ons like fiber optic mood lighting and electronic devices, you can customize your hot tub to your exact specifications.Many manufacturers now offer hot tubs equipped with televisions, DVD players and full surround sound stereo systems. You also can add steps for easy access. Towel warmers and closets are a great way to keep necessary items within reach, saving space and time. A deck surround can make your hot tub as attractive as it is comfortable.


One simple way to maintain a hot tub is to keep it covered and protected from the elements. Most hot tubs come with a cover, but if you need a replacement cover due to damage or loss, follow these steps to obtain the perfect replacement.

  • Determine the cover size the hot tub needs. Measuring the top of the tub may not always give you the correct information regarding which size you need. Some covers simply cover the top of the hot tub, while other covers drape over the sides. If you are unsure as to which cover type you need, research information regarding the particular hot tub you own to find out what cover it requires.
  • Decide whether a soft or hard cover is best for your hot tub. Some styles of hot tubs can utilize either hard or soft covers effectively, while other types will need one type or the other to offer proper protection from the elements.
  • Choose a hot tub cover with a superior R-value. “R-value” refers to the amount of insulation value the hot tub cover material has. A well-insulated cover protects the hot tub interior from heat and sunlight.
  • Look for a hot tub cover that carries a warranty. The cover serves as a protection for your hot tub; you will want to ensure that can be replaced if it does not perform properly. Check with the merchant for an easy-maintenance cover so you purchase a cover that is easy to clean and care for.
  • Think about safety, particularly whether you have children or whether there are children living in proximity to your home. The hot tub cover should be heavy enough that a small child could not lift the cover and enter the tub. You will also want a cover that will not collapse if a child or small animal crawls on top of the tub.