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Why, When and How To Do It

Check the specific directions and care guide from your manufacturer, and follow those instructions.

Whether or not you decide to winterize really depends on just how cold your winters are. For many hot tub owners, winter is the very best time to hop in the hot tub — enjoying the satisfying warmth when they climb in, and the refreshing shock of cold air when they step out. But whether you winterize or not, your hot tub needs to be drained.

Even with the most consistent maintenance and cleaning schedule, there are certain contaminants that will build up in your hot tub over time. Left to their own devices, they can cause water cloudiness and other problems, so it’s important that you drain the water from your hot tub every three months.

Hot Tub jets

Before you drain your spa, turn on the jets and add a hot tub flush product to remove residue and mineral deposits from the pipes and hoses — just follow the manufacturer instructions. Once that’s done, you’re ready to drain, and the first thing you need to do is turn the power off. Once that safety concern is taken care of, remove and clean the filter, then empty the spa. Depending on the model, you can do this through a drain hose, or by pumping or siphoning.

After the water has drained, you’ll need to remove the hoses from their fittings so the plumbing can drain, then blow through the jets with a wet vac to force out any water that may be inside. Next, while your hot tub is empty, you’ll want to give it a good cleaning and treat it with an appropriate conditioning product.

What next? Well that depends on whether you’re draining your hot tub as part of regular maintenance or for winter storage. If you’re draining for winter, you’ll need to make sure all of the hoses and filters are dry so you can store them without the risk of mildew build-up. If you’re draining for regular maintenance, just put your hot tub back together, fill it with water and the right mix of chemicals, then get back in it!